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Welcome to Family Chiropractic & Health Center, the chiropractic office of doctors Michael Hitchner and Michael Horn!

Our doctors and the friendly staff at our advanced chiropractic facilities will help you discover and maintain a true wellness lifestyle with our healthy, non-invasive approach to spine care. Since 1986, Dr. Hitchner and Dr. Horn, members of Great Doctors of Chiropractic, have helped many people in the Tuscaloosa area experience natural healing without surgery or medications.

Chiropractic care covers a wide range of issues, including neck pain, back pain, numbness, sciatica, and much more! In addition to providing spine care services, we will educate you about living a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise, diet, and nutrition. After one visit to our office, you will see why chiropractic care is the safe and effective alternative to back surgery.

Our two locations offer a variety of solutions to help you improve your current condition and feel better than before. If you are looking for a skilled chiropractic doctor in Tuscaloosa, call (205) 758-2225, or in Northport, call (205) 333-2220; or use the convenient “Make an Appointment” button on this page. Both offices are open weekdays for your convenience. See why Family Chiropractic & Health Center is different from other healthcare providers in Tuscaloosa!

We are interested in your long-term health and wellness, not just a quick fix to mask your back or neck pain. Feel free to browse our website, learn more about chiropractic care, and meet our incredible team of health professionals. If you have any questions, please click the “Contact Us” button to reach one of our staff members.

Dr. Michael Hitchner


Dr. Michael Hitchner grew up in South New Jersey. While attending the University of West Chester, Pennsylvania, for his bachelor’s degree, he became interested in physical science and holistic care. He then graduated with his doctorate from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Hitchner moved to Alabama to begin his practice in 1986 and has been caring for the Tuscaloosa community ever since. He specializes in treating a variety problems such as sciatica, neck pain, headaches, nerve pain, disc injuries, and more. By using chiropractic and therapy techniques, he will help you achieve a better state of health naturally and educate you on how to maintain it. When he’s not treating patients, he enjoys spending time in the vegetable garden or on the golf course.

Dr. Michael Horn


Dr. Michael Horn was a pre-med biology major at the University of Wisconsin from 1978-1982. Throughout his studies, he became increasingly interested in holistic care. Inspired by the idea of treating the whole person rather than just their symptoms, he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University in 1985. His postdoctoral certifications include Chiropractic Sports Physician and Clinical Acupuncturist.

Dr. Horn stresses the importance of strengthening exercises and gives nutritional advice.

His treatment techniques include:

Diversified Technique
Cox flexion/distraction
Receptor-Tonus method
Neuromuscular re-education
Active release technique
Lumbar Decompression therapy
Gau Sha/Graston technique

We would like to welcome Dr. Lauren P. Cobb to the Family Chiropractic & Health Center practice! She will be treating patients at our University Boulevard location.